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8 of them in Istanbul, Turkey’s exhibitions in March 2023

Posted by Dari TR on 1 March، 2023

Every year, a wide range of trade fairs are held in Turkey in all sectors. In March, there will be 22 exhibitions in all Turkish states.

In this article we share with you the exhibition guide in Turkey, especially in the city of Istanbul which will have the largest share of Turkey’s forthcoming exhibitions.

8  of them in Istanbul, Turkey’s exhibitions in March 2023

Exhibitions in Istanbul during March 2023

Turkey’s exhibitions will be held in 9 Turkish states, most notably Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. But most will be in Istanbul, where 8 exhibitions will be launched. These are:

1. Istanbul Real Estate & Construction Exhibitions:

Property in Turkey still maintains its reputation with foreign investors. During 2022, Turkey’s property sales to foreigners increased by 15.2 & compared to 2021. It amounted to 67 thousand and 490 real estate.

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It is no wonder that Istanbul receives 3 exhibitions in Turkey in the field of real estate and construction, as it is the city that ranks first in the sale and purchase of real estate in Turkey, both Turks and foreigners. These are:

– Eighteenth Istanbul Real Estate Expo: from 16 March to 17 of the same month.

– Seventh International Exhibition of Building Structures and Templates: from March 18 to 22 of the same month.

– Eighteenth International Exhibition of Mechanized Elevators and Accessories: from March 9 to 12 of the same month.

2. Exhibitions in Istanbul for Turkish Products

Turkey’s exports in 2022 broke a record, by $254.2 billion. Turkey’s most prominent exports were products such as food and electrical appliances.

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Istanbul receives 3 trade fairs in Turkey in the field of food industries and electrical tools, namely:

– İSFA Exhibition for Exporting Electronics and Home Electronics

– Export Exhibition of Household Items and Kitchen Tools

– Turkey Beekeeping Exhibition

All these exhibitions begin in Istanbul on March 2nd and last 4 days.

In addition to consumer products, Turkey comes in the ranks of nations in exporting clothing and textiles to the world, especially to Europe.

Exports of Turkish textiles exceeded $9 billion in 2022, with the largest destination for exports of the textile sector being Italy, Belarus and the United States.

The Istanbul Fabric Fair kicks off on March 8th and lasts for 3 days.

In the luxury sector, the Istanbul Jewellery Fair receives visitors on March 16, until the date of 19 of the same month.

3. International Higher Education Exhibition

In recent years, the number of Turkish universities has increased from 76 to more than 200. Turkish universities feature partnerships with European and American universities.

However, the cost of studying in Turkish universities is relatively acceptable compared to European and American universities. Especially when considering the cost of living in Turkey in general. This makes it the first choice for many who want to complete graduate studies abroad.

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The exhibition begins on March 1 and lasts five days.

Turkey Fairs 2023

Turkey’s exhibition disciplines vary in March 2023, such as food products, education and heavy industry.

Experts attribute this diversity and multiplicity of Turkey’s exhibitions to the high volume of production and industry in Turkey, and the country’s entry into new sectors globally. and competing with major industries.

Also, in addition to trade fairs in Turkey, the list includes cultural and artistic exhibitions. Here is a list of the dates of exhibitions in Turkey during March 2023, and its places of residence:

Exhibition Guide in TurkeyCityStart DateEnd Date
International Exhibition on Agriculture and Livestock HusbandryDenizli1-3-20235-3-2023
Gurmexpo Natural Products ExhibitionAnkara1-3-20233-3-2023
Fetex 12 Food Supply Exhibition in the Tourism SectorMugla1-3-20235-3-2023
34th International Exhibition of Modeko 2023Izmir1-3-20235-3-2023
Mugla Agriculture and Livestock ExhibitionMugla2-3-20235-3-2023
11th Stock Exchange Exhibition for Agriculture and Livestock HusbandryBursa2-3-20235-3-2023
Book Fair in SpartaSparta3-3-202312-3-2023
Samson Exhibition for Mobilia and DecorationSamson7-3-202312-3-2023
Isaf Exhibition of Security Systems, Technologies and ServicesAnkara8-3-202310-3-2023
Development of Cooperation between Insurance CompaniesAntalya9-3-202311-3-2023
19th International Contemporary Art ExhibitionAnkara9-3-202312-3-2023
Izmir Book FairIzmir11-3-202319-3-2023
Izmir International Education FairIzmir27-3-202327-3-2023

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