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Advantages of buying an apartment in Istanbul residential complexes

Posted by Dari TR on 7 April، 2023

It is a place where the idea of a “dream home” becomes a reality, where Istanbul residential complexes provide you with all basic services, as well as amenities and entertainment. The growing demand for apartments in Istanbul’s residential complexes is irrefutable evidence that many have found their dream home.

We share in the following lines the advantages of buying an apartment in Istanbul in one of its residential complexes, and the reasons why it is the preferred option for 50% of foreigners in Turkey.

Advantages of buying an apartment in Istanbul residential complexes

Advantages of living in residential complexes in Istanbul

Istanbul’s residential complexes consist of several buildings and a number of service facilities, which provide an ideal lifestyle for individuals and families. One aspect of their distinction is:

1. Safe Environment and Protection Services:

Istanbul’s residential complexes enjoy full protection and security by securing them with fences from all sides. and the distribution of surveillance cameras to protect the compound from any intrusion.

A security team also guards the doors, monitors surveillance cameras and prevents strangers from entering except with the permission of a resident.

2. Modern Architectural Technology

Construction companies compete in building apartments in residential blocks in Istanbul that combine dazzling design, durable and luxurious construction. Providing a variety of options for each seeker to buy an apartment in Istanbul that fits their needs and budget.

The complex is being built according to Turkey’s building safety requirements and standards, especially those of earthquake-resistant and natural disasters.

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3. Provision of important additional facilities

Istanbul’s residential complexes are like a mini-city, because they contain all the basic and recreational services that residents need, to save time and trouble moving around for individuals and families.

The facilities that can be found in Istanbul’s best residential complexes include restaurants and shops, gardens, walking spaces, sports halls, open and enclosed pools, saunas, mosques, kindergartens and car garages.

4. Maintenance and cleaning services

Residents of Istanbul residential complexes do not need to worry about the burden of periodic maintenance of electricity, water, etc., or cleaning services, as the complex provides these services to its residents.

All these services are provided to the residents of the complex, for a small amount paid monthly and called “proceeds”.

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5. Ideal Location

The site is one of the most important factors affecting the purchase of an apartment in Istanbul, and is one of the first to be considered when building residential blocks in Istanbul.

The complex’s proximity to the city’s vital centres and important facilities such as hospitals, schools and universities are observed.

But if some complexes are relatively far from the city center. This will make the prices of apartments cheaper compared to those of apartments in central Istanbul. The complex’s integrated services will be offset by its distance from the city centre.

6. Mobility and Communications Network

The distance of some of Istanbul’s best residential complexes does not yet affect the speed of access to the city centre, where it reaches a wide network of transport connected to vital centres from Istanbul. Such as metro, tramway and metro stations.

All the above and more make residential accommodation in Istanbul a fun and unique experience that is not compared to living in other buildings and apartments

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Investment benefits of buying an apartment in Istanbul in a residential complex

In addition to various options in buying an apartment in Istanbul, diversity is also available in investment options after buying the apartment itself.

Because increasing demand for housing in Istanbul residential complexes, means an excellent investment opportunity to invest in buying, renting, or selling apartments in Istanbul residential complexes and generate a significant return.

Whatever your investment goal of buying property in Turkey, our experts will help you find the best investment options. Connect today with Dare Real Estate.

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