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Advantages of investing in Turkey

Posted by Dari TR on 5 September، 2022

Advantages of investing in Turkey

The strength of Turkey’s economy is always rising despite all difficulties, notably during the Corona epidemic and the Turkish currency crisis, making it a fruitful area for real estate investment.

  • One of Turkey’s significant economic challenges that are in high demand with local investors and tourists from across the world is real estate investment.
  • A person who has a large capital and wants to invest it in a project must first assess the project’s nature and the degree to which it fits with his talents and objectives before investing his resources.
  • Most importantly, choose the country in which you wish to invest.
  • According to several economic surveys, Turkey is the top-ranked nation in the world in terms of economic strength and foreign investment.

  It is the location that encourages tourists and businesspeople from all over the world to visit and make investments there.

You must be really curious about making investments in Turkey:

  • What makes Turkey a good place to invest?
  • What are the advantages of choosing Turkey as your first investment destination?
  • Is Turkey’s infrastructure suitable for investment?
  • Can foreigners purchase property in Turkey?

You may discover the answers to all of these crucial questions in the essay.

Advantages of investing in Turkey 2022

As we previously highlighted, Turkey is one of the most powerful economic nations in the world in terms of investment, thus we discover that a large percentage of tourists are traveling there without hesitation. But what is the reason behind the trend and the high demand for Turkey? The response prompts a discussion of the advantages of making investments in Turkey, the most significant of which are as follows:

   1. The consistency and adaptability of investment legislation

You should invest in Turkey if you are an experienced investor who wants to  build your business in a favorable, fruitful environment since there are several temptations and advantages, such as:

  • Reducing the obstacles facing foreign investors in Turkey and reducing the costs imposed on them.
  • Additionally, Turkey’s infrastructure is powerful and conducive to investment, making it possible for any international investor to establish his company and begin doing business there within six days.
  • What sets Turkey apart is its vast spaces, tremendous growth in highly competitive markets, and investment-friendly culture.
  • Additionally, the concept of investing in Turkey generally focuses on the equality of all investors, whether they are locals or foreigners, in terms of advantages and restrictions.

2. The strength of the infrastructure in Turkey and its great development

Turkey’s infrastructure, which includes cutting-edge and contemporary capabilities in areas like communications and transportation, is an advantage that cannot be overlooked. for example:

  • Because of the significant advancement in transportation technology and the necessity of using trains to travel within Turkey and even beyond Europe.
  • As for sea transport, which is powerful and advanced, is also inexpensive. The modes of transportation for exporting commodities from Turkey to other countries are simple and easy.

  What are the requirements for investing in Turkey?

       1. The prevalence and power of the Turkish medium

  • There is no question that the Turkish medium is a large and successful project, and the evidence for this is that if the investor wishes to invest in airports, he will be a successful investor in that, as there are nearly 170 million passengers who pass through Turkish airports each year, which is a strong point for the investor.
  • An estimated 36 million visitors visit Turkey annually, which helps the country’s economy to grow and prosper.
  • Along with the existence of 40 million users of high-speed Internet, a significant number of new customers are also added each year to the cellular communications network, which currently has almost 72 million members.
  • These enormous numbers provide the investor with confidence in the success of his investment.

       2. Low tax rates

The low tax burden on the investor is the main factor encouraging people to invest in Turkey or even purchase real estate there, for example:

  • In industrial or highly developed technology regions, the investor benefits from low tax rates.
  • These tax advantages are a significant motivation for foreign investors by those in control of the Turkish state because certain corporations are fully exempt from taxes.
  • The amount of taxes that were cut reached 10% or slightly more than the prior level.

       3. Turkey functions as a link connecting Europe and the Middle East.

Turkey is a vital link connecting Europe and the Middle East, serving as a transit for the movement of diverse energy sources to the other continents. Turkey is also the most significant port for European countries due to its proximity to almost 70% of the world’s energy resource reserves.

Economy and population of Turkey

1. The strength of the Turkish economy

  • Turkey’s economy has made significant progress, surpassing several countries and even coming close to taking the lead.
  • The Turkish economy has grown faster than it did in previous years, and it now surpasses $800 per year, which is a significant opportunity to invest in Turkey’s enormous economic environment.
  • Additionally, the Turkish economy is currently distinguished by safety and stability, and the future may see continued growth.

2. Population Density

  • As Turkey is now on track to surpass 8 million people, which is a significant number and a driving force behind investors’ decisions to invest in Turkey, the high population density in any nation is said to be a crucial component in determining the success of the investment project.
  • In comparison to Europe, Turkey is considered to be a young country, with more than half of the population under the age of 30. This age group is seen as a powerful and important force in reviving the Turkish economy and attracting investors from across the world.
  • It should be noted that investment in Turkey covers a wide range of industries, is highly diversified, and includes many fields.
  • As a result, Turkey is a huge attraction for investors from throughout the world, who select Turkey for a variety of special reasons.
  • In order to make the idea of investing in Turkey apparent, we addressed a few of them and suggested others.
  • However, there are still plenty of topics that we did not have time to discuss and present.

Therefore, in general, we can conclude that all the conditions for investing in Turkey are strong and readily available, which has contributed to investors’ decision to invest in Turkey without any hesitation.

Edited by: Dari Real Estate

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