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Before buying real estate in Turkey

Posted by Dari TR on 13 September، 2022

Be cautious Before buying real estate in Turkey.

Be careful before buying real estate in Turkey

Pay close attention when purchasing real estate in Turkey. There are many things to be considered, and doing so may help us save money, ensuring that we select the ideal property, and accomplish our real estate purchase aim.

We will go into great depth with you in this article on how the purchasing and selling processes should be thoroughly studied in the process of contracts, official papers, and other issues.

Turkey’s real estate market is known for its diversity, and one factor contributing to this diversity is the severe competition amongst construction firms to attract clients and meet their needs.

The majority of investments made by Istanbul construction companies are in Istanbul, which constantly ranks top among Turkish cities in terms of the number of properties sold to foreigners.

Istanbul provides a range of choices for individuals looking to invest in Turkey or purchase real estate.

Tips before buying a property in Turkey

To acquire real estate in Turkey, decide if you want it for a home or an investment.

To guarantee that clients looking to purchase real estate in Turkey fit the investment or residential scenario, there are several real estate alternatives. But because the nature of this decision and the type is different, stating the primary goal of purchasing real estate will raise the chance of receiving the best selection.

Prior to purchasing a house in Turkey, consider the location

The location will be crucial after deciding on the reason for purchasing the property since it is close to transportation, healthcare, and educational facilities, or one of the metropolitan areas, and it affects the area’s high property prices. In this situation, you should live close to the college or university where your child attends, as well as to your place of work and transportation.

When investing, you should think about the property’s closeness to tourist attractions, urban hubs, and retail establishments.

Title deed verification (Tabu)

There are many different types of title certificates in Turkey, but they are all relatively similar in terms of content, therefore it is important to make sure that the title certificate is only valid while the property is still under construction or has not yet begun, depending on which.

It is important to consider this and make sure there are no challenges in the way of changing the interim title deed into a title deed.

Is the property residential or commercial?

The essential processes must be followed correctly, and there must be no barriers, if the property is initially categorized as commercial property during the building phase and is later converted to residential property.

Verify that the property information matches the title deed data.

Verify if the property matches the title, neighborhood, specs, and information in the property contract.

Obtaining a report on the real estate price evaluation 

Before purchasing real estate in Turkey, it is now required to obtain the real estate assessment report. This report covers all the specific information related to the property, price elements, legal, financial, and engineering issues.

Learn more about real estate price evaluations from here.

Finishing off the ownership processes in the real estate registry

  Any informal contract signed by a NOTER (notary public) is deemed ineligible for the property and cannot show ownership of the property. The procedure of owning real estate must be completed at the property administration.

Learn about the property’s owner

  Only by visiting the survey and land registry may entities or people with real property be verified.

  We provide you with the most crucial advice on purchasing real estate in Turkey, and Dari Real Estate and Investment has partnered with big Turkish construction firms who have numerous large projects in various parts of Istanbul and throughout all of Turkey.

We have a qualified staff that can respond to any of your questions via our website and other communication options, provide you advice, and inform you of the possible ROI for any home, land, or project you wish to invest in.
If you are interested in investing in real estate and gaining Turkish citizenship, we can assist you with the legal process.”

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The Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Development has created an online resource to give foreigners all the information they need, particularly about real estate and land titles and how to become Turkish citizens through investment.

In addition to its social media accounts, the site may be accessed through this URL “www.yourkeyturkey.gov.tr”.

Edited by: Dari Real Estate

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