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Dari Property cares about its team as much as it cares about the company itself and considers it an indispensable part of the company’s success, they are actual partners to achieve this success, so it is keen that the team members are highly educated and have certified professional training, in addition to language skills Multiple languages, including at least three languages, Arabic, English and Turkish, of course.

Our main teams:

• Team of the engineers

  • Dari Properties carefully selects professional engineers and assigns them to choose projects that conform to the high Turkish specifications adopted by the company in its quality policy.
  • The quality officer is designated to the advisory group and is responsible for ensuring that the firm’s quality requirements are being implemented. The advisory group then conducts research on consumer demands and complies with corporate policy.

• The Advisory team

  • Usually selected from graduates of business school, economics, or related fields, must be formally recognized by the Turkish Education Office and have the certificates of a real estate consultant. Their mission is to final search and start recommending projects to customers, and their responsibilities are to follow up on the progress of the real estate transaction and to provide a package of after-sales services in all its details.
  • Our staff also includes selected interior design artists, jury translators, and accountants specializing in property management, account document management, and services. The success of your investment depends not only on finance but also on having a professional team around you, which provides the necessary real estate research and consulting when needed.
  • The success of your investment depends not only on financing, but also on having a professional team around you, which provides the necessary real estate research and advice when you need it.

We speak your language

  • Each member of the Dari Real Estate team must have the best communication skills to enable them to communicate fully with the client and explain the projects adopted by the company after the implementation of a series of objective studies.
  • Dari Real Estate knows that the similarity of language and even dialect has shortened a lot of time, so we are keen to include employees of multiple nationalities and from different countries who speak your language so that the process of communication between the company and the client is effective.

Speed of communication

  • Technical and logistics support staff will save you the trouble and time of searching, and provide you with 24/7 instant support services. You can apply for a free consultation and get more accurate information and data on the Turkish real estate market.
  • Our team is on standby at any time if our line is busy, our staff will be back in a few hours to contact you, As our company is very grateful and taking care of your time, our technical support team will respond very quickly to all your requests, whether by email or phone.
  • Our team will contact you at the suitable time that you have been identified.
  • To match the enthusiasm of our investors, Dari has provided editors specializing in the study of up to date news in the real estate sector to produce in-depth articles supported by digital and accurate research.

Dari Team

  • In the past few years, Turkey has proven its ability to absorb different shocks, providing a solid and stable foundation for the establishment of real estate projects, which makes it the focus of attention of investors from all over the world. As recent research shows that European investors benefit from currency differences and Turkish suitable weather. Recent studies have also shown that U.S. investment toward Turkey has withdrawn after a hostile policy toward Muslims, and it is not surprising that Turkey is the next stop for these investors.
Dari Properties is interested in investors who are eager to invest in Turkey or anywhere in the world, as we have teams and agents across borders in multiple countries, no matter where you want to get our services in your country, you can communicate with our agents.
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