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Everything you should know about Turkish health Care

Posted by Dari TR on 5 September، 2022

Health care in Turkey for Turkish citizens

Turkey provides top-notch health care. One of the most significant benefits received by Turkish citizens and those who have earned citizenship is access to health care services.

Healthcare in Turkey – Healthcare for Turks

Turkish Health Care for Turkish citizens

Everyone has the right to social security

Social security and health care are guaranteed rights in Turkey, according to the legal wording of the Republic of Turkey’s Constitution. It offers health care services to all of Turkey’s citizens. Additionally, Turkey offers high-quality public and private health care options that are conveniently accessible and affordable.

 Turkish health care is now considered to be among the best in the world because to the advancements made in the area over the past few years, and we should also mention that the country’s infrastructure for providing health care is continually expanding and getting better. With the aid of modernizing medical education, which increased the level of skill in Turkey in many new sectors including plastic surgery, ophthalmology, and heart surgery, there was an increase in the number of physicians specialized in diverse professions.

Turkish health care services

These are only a few of the numerous high-quality, effective medical treatments that Turkey provides in a variety of sectors, with dependable doctors:

  • eyes illnesses
  • Orthopedics and Traumatology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Women disease
  • General Surgery, Oral and Dental Diseases
  • Neurosurgery
  • Dermatology and Venereology (Dermatology)
  • Pediatrics.

Turkey has distinguished itself in recent years in the areas of hair transplantation, plastic surgery, eye and dental treatment, and organ transplantation.

Additionally, Turkey’s variety of medical services attracted a significant and expanding population of “international retirees” as well as “medical tourists” to the country.

Health Care for everyone

The health of its population is a top priority for the Turkish government. All Turkish citizens are included in the health care system. Additionally, it offers them top-notch medical treatment, and those who recently naturalized and received Turkish citizenship also benefit from these advantages.

Furthermore, the Turkish health system oversees the medical treatment of foreigners  visiting or staying in Turkey. through Turkey’s mandated health insurance.

The Turkish Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, oversees the organization of all aspects of health care and medical services that are provided through public and private centers, such as hospitals, clinics, and others.

Due to the fact that all employees of government agencies and businesses are entitled to free medical care and treatment at government hospitals, everyone is covered by the Social Security Law. Reduced medicine costs are also advantageous to them.

How to benefit from Turkish health care services

In order to get health care, those who become Turkish citizens but were unable to find a job might apply for a green card or universal health insurance.

Turkish people can easily get the advantages of health care by registering themselves and their family members at the local dispensary that is closest to their place of residence.

Additionally to being able to simply make an appointment with a specialized doctor by dialing the number 182 from within Turkey, you may also utilize the specific application MHRS from the Turkish Ministry of Health, which can be downloaded on smartphones.

After making an account, logging in, and providing all necessary information. The program is accessible in a variety of languages, and it allows the patient to select the hospital and doctor of his choice as well as schedule an appointment at the right time and day.

Chronic illness management in Turkey and some certain specific instances

A government decree was announced in 2018 that canceled all fees associated with cancer treatment at Turkish government institutions. If you are a patient protected by the Social Security Law or have public health insurance, you are able to access all medical services and treatments completely free of charge.

Among the treatments that the state provides free of charge to Turkish citizens and naturalized citizens, we mention the following:

  • organ transplant.
  • Treatment of congenital malformations.
  • The state also provides burn treatment services.
  • Health services for the newborn (0-28 days old baby)
  • Dialysis.
  • Some heart surgery procedures.
  • Cochlear implant procedures.
  • Also, some dental treatments such as maxillofacial trauma are free of charge.
  • Autism diseases.

Turkish health insurance

Turkish health insurance has several benefits since the government offers many packages of the highest-quality medical care, and there are four different forms of government medical insurance:

It is one of the finest benefits that Turkish citizens receive, and it is a key factor in the decision of foreigners to apply for Turkish citizenship. In all cities, the government offers a variety of packages for the best medical care, and there are four different types of government health insurance in Turkey:

-Turkish Green Card Insurance Yeşil Kart:

The insurance holder and every member of his family are eligible for free medical care and treatment services under this form of insurance, which is designed for Turkish individuals whose average per capita income is less than one-third of the net minimum wage.

Turkey General Health Care GSS

All Turkish citizens, including father, mother, and children under the age of 18, are covered by this system of health care.

By acquiring a work permit in Turkey, foreign residents can also access public health insurance.

Turkey’s SGK Social Security Insurance

It includes all health care services, including substantial cost savings on medical care and free care in public hospitals. This insurance is also accessible to non-citizens with a work permit.

Turkey’s Bağkur Insurance

Turkish citizens without social security benefits can pay a monthly fee to enter the pension system after 15 or 20 years

This has been a quick overview of Turkish health care, which is available to all individuals who are Turkish citizens, as we have indicated

In several crises, the Turkish health care system has shown to be strong. The most recent was the Corona epidemic, which was handled with complete responsibility and expertise by Turkish medical authorities. They hurried to construct thousands of respirators, provided a huge number of intensive care beds, and gave all patients a high degree of care in addition to their unrelenting efforts to create a homemade vaccine

Thus, Turkey set the finest example of social solidarity. It has also achieved unprecedented successes and complete justice by providing medical care services to all, regardless of the costs

Edited by: Dari Real Estate

Source: Ministry of Health

 What treatments does the state provide free of charge to Turkish citizens?

1- Organ transplantation.
2- Treatment of congenital malformations.
3- Burn treatment services.
4- Health services provided to the newborn (baby 0-28 days old)
5- Kidney dialysis.
6- Some heart surgery procedures.
7- Cochlear implant procedures.
8- Some dental treatments such as maxillofacial trauma.
9- Autism diseases.
10- Cancer treatments.

What are the types of health insurance in Turkey for Turkish citizens?

1- Securing the green card in Turkey Yeşil Kart.
2- General health insurance in Turkey GSS.
3- Social Security Insurance in Turkey (SGK).
4- Bağkur insurance in Turkey.

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