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Five suggestions for after getting Turkish citizenship, as well as the key characteristics of Turkish citizenship

Posted by Dari TR on 3 September، 2022

Advantages of Turkish citizenship

Obtaining Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport is one of the crucial topics that all tourists, including Arab and foreign investors, are searching for in Turkey in order to invest and purchase real estate, as Turkish citizenship grants any foreigner many advantages that Turkish citizens enjoy, but there are many concerns about,

  • How can I become a citizen of Turkey?
  • What are the primary advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship?
  • What benefits come with becoming a Turkish citizen?
  • Is getting citizenship simple?
  • What are the best methods to become a Turkish citizen?

The article provides answers to each of these queries.

Turkish citizenship advantages

Turkey is one of the best countries to visit because of how convenient life is there, including the low cost of living, the charming scenery, and the atmosphere of the restaurants, cafes, parties, and bazaars. Getting Turkish citizenship is challenging, but it grants the recipient certain rights and privileges. There are several advantages and perks similar to those of a Turkish citizen, the most significant of which are:

  Enjoy the benefits of having a Turkish passport –

  • When compared to the passports of 191 other nations, the Turkish passport came in at number 33 on the PASSPORT INDEX index, and its holder is not required to obtain a visa to enter 56 other nations.
  • The Turkish passport also allows its holder to enter 45 nations right away after landing at the airport, and it enables online application for entrance visas to four other nations without requiring to go to the consulate.
  • One of the main reasons for foreigners to gain Turkish citizenship is so they may travel freely from one country to another without restriction. This means that the Turkish passport provides its holder with a wide range of travel alternatives across the world.
  • The benefit of having a Turkish passport is that it makes it easier to buy and own property.

How to become a Turkish citizen

We previously mentioned that gaining Turkish citizenship might be challenging due to the extensive legal requirements, but it is possible if you follow these steps:

  • purchasing real estate
  • owning a car
  • building businesses
  • Open a bank account in any Turkish bank.

This indicates that there aren’t many processes, particularly those involving translation, documents for foreigners, or other issues that might cause a foreigner to be hindered while traveling outside of his country.

 It should be noted that in addition to receiving security approval for ownership, a foreign citizen who acquires residence in Turkey must submit a real estate assessment document to Turkey in order to purchase the property.

However, it’s possible that some Turkish banks need additional documentation from foreigners in order to create a bank account, but this is not a concern for Turkish citizens.

Enjoy the opportunity to grant privileges to first-degree relatives

  • The most significant advantages of Turkish citizenship for Turkish citizens’ family members include granting them residence in Turkey, granting citizenship to their spouses and children under the age of 18 for a period of three years, and granting citizenship to those who are married to Turkish women.
  • after three years of marriage, a foreign husband or wife can apply for Turkish citizenship.
  • enabling the Turkish citizen to invite his non-Turkish family members—especially the father and mother—to visit Turkey on a tourist visa. It should be noted that if a foreign national applies for citizenship, his spouse and parents automatically become citizens through the same citizenship file.

   A climate of freedom to practice your profession

As for the Turkish citizen, he is not subject to any additional requirements for working in his country because he has social security and a work permit, or sikorta. When it comes to getting a job, there are significant differences between foreigners and Turks. For every foreign worker, there must be 5 Turks working there, but Turks are free to work wherever they want without having to follow this procedure.

Additionally, after obtaining Turkish citizenship, those with higher degrees, such as physicians, engineers, and attorneys, might benefit from more work options. In addition, Turkish citizens find it simpler to join chambers of trade and industry than foreigners do.

Enjoying the top medical care.

The Turkish citizen enjoys the privilege of receiving all health and medical services free of charge, with discounts available for hospitalization in public facilities, the purchase of medications, and the option of signing a family physician agreement.

Along with receiving social security, private health insurance, and other great advantages that a foreigner cannot.

The following article contains all the information you need to know about Turkish healthcare:

Health care in Turkey, health care for Turks, free medical treatments in Turkey.

Healthcare in Turkey
Health care in Turkey, health care for Turks, free health services for Turks

The possibility of keeping the origin nationality

We find that Turkey offers foreigners the chance to obtain multiple or dual nationalities as it has signed many agreements with other countries to facilitate the acquisition of Turkish citizenship. As a result, a foreigner can retain his origin nationality if he acquires another one because Turkish laws allow for the granting of Turkish nationality to foreigners other than their origin nationality.

What are the advantages and rights of a Turkish citizen?

Advantages of a Turkish citizen

The advantages of Turkish citizenship extend to foreigners as well, thus they should be aware of all the rights guaranteed by the Turkish Constitution to Turkish citizens, including the following:

  • We define a Turkish citizen as everyone to whom the state is obligated under the terms of citizenship, whether they reside inside or outside of Turkey.
  • Every kid born to a Turkish mother or father is a Turkish child like them, regardless of whether one of the parents is a foreign national.
  • Only under specific legal circumstances may Turkish citizenship be granted to a foreigner or taken from a Turkish citizen.
  • the Turkish citizen continues to enjoy all the privileges and advantages that come with being a Turkish citizen, unless he engages in activities against the country.
  • Turkish citizens are entitled to all of their nation’s services, whether inside and outside of Turkey, particularly those related to health and education.
  • Any Turkish citizen above the age of 18 has the right to run for local elections, the presidency, or the parliament. He also has the right to enter the elections as a candidate after reaching the appropriate age for any position.
  • Turkish law allows Turkish citizens the ability to assert their legal rights when such rights are violated or reduced.
  • The Turkish citizen can handle any issue he has outside of Turkey by contacting Turkish embassies and consulates, which act as a representative interface.
  • Under Turkish law, residents are granted all of their civil rights as well as the ability to receive all relevant documents, including identification cards, passports, and papers for marriage and divorce.

What obligations does a Turkish citizen have?

Many of the responsibilities listed below fall on a foreigner who has acquired Turkish citizenship as a Turkish citizen:

  • The foreigner must adhere to Turkish law and the constitution.
  • Respecting the state’s historical and patriotic icons is essential.
  • belonging to Turkey, being loyal to it, and not betraying it.
  • compulsory military duty, with certain exemptions.
  • respecting the rules that govern people’s lives in Turkey in a way that promotes security, safety, and peace in the country.
  • the requirement to use Turkish courts in any legal situation that calls for them.  
  • Start studying Turkish to make it easier to communicate with Turks in daily life.

Key advice about Turkish citizenship

The concept of someone obtaining a different nationality is founded, which means that he will be a citizen of the state and one of its members, which means that he must learn about the history of the state and its society, as well as the sacred and repulsive aspects of its society.

In order to readily adjust to them, it is necessary to recognize the type of thinking that they employ. We then present the most crucial advice that those who have just received Turkish citizenship must keep in mind in the following tips:

  • Turkish neighbors must be given peace since they place a high value on tranquillity and comfort in their houses.
  • the necessity of regularly paying taxes and debts.
  • the need to learn Turkish in order to fit in with Turkish culture and language.
  • Speaking loudly on public transportation should be avoided since Turks find it irritating.
  • Regardless of the type of care, whether educational, health or recreational activities, make sure your child receives the same love and attention that a Turkish child receives in order to assist absorption into the new community.

In conclusion, we have covered all you need to know about Turkish citizenship, including how to apply for it, its key advantages, and the key responsibilities and rights that come with it.

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