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How to purchase an apartment in Istanbul?

Posted by Dari TR on 12 September، 2022

How to purchase an apartment in Istanbul?

Each of Turkey’s 81 states has its own natural resources and economic advantages, but only one stands out: Istanbul. Here, the aroma of the old Ottoman civilization and modern technology mingle, fusing the East and the West, making Istanbul the most visited country and the one that foreign real estate investors find most alluring for real estate investment and apartment purchases.

How to purchase an apartment in Istanbul?

And this is where our firm, Dari Real Estate, is situated. This great metropolis is divided into 39 provinces, each with its unique advantages and spanning the Asian and European continents. Attract those who want to buy apartments in Istanbul

Most people here have a question: How do I pick a house in Istanbul? What benefits come with purchasing an apartment in Istanbul?


How to purchase an apartment in Istanbul?

 Is it a wise decision to purchase an apartment in Istanbul?

This is one of the concerns that individuals who are preparing to invest in real estate or purchase an apartment in Istanbul may consider, particularly if a foreigner lacks numerous specifics and knowledge of .matters particular to this country

Istanbul is the best location, based on all its advantages and nuances, so purchasing an apartment there is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Istanbul apartment ownership may serve a variety of objectives. Some buy property in Istanbul in an effort to fulfill the requirements for obtaining Turkish citizenship, while still others choose apartments for housing and stability. A third group of buyers prefers to purchase real estate for the purpose of investing in it and reaping significant financial rewards.

How can I make an investment to buy an apartment in Istanbul?

The rental return will be significant when leasing and receiving a fixed monthly or yearly return, particularly during the peak travel season.

Another investment strategy is to resell the property and use the difference in price. However, this strategy requires a lot of patience because it may take a long time to sell the property. In this case, a real estate consultant must be used to assess the state of the real estate in the neighborhood where the apartment is situated.

In Istanbul, where should you buy an apartment? European or Asian section?

Because each of the two parties has unique advantages that are acceptable for some individuals but not for others, it is impossible to be certain. People who like to live in a western environment, for instance, should invest in real estate on the European side, while those who prefer a tranquil, oriental setting should select the Asian side.

Should you purchase an apartment in a quiet neighborhood in Istanbul or a busy, energetic neighborhood?

Since there are no set guidelines, this is up to the buyer. One advantage of purchasing an apartment in Istanbul, where there are many satisfying possibilities, is that this.

It is incorrect for parents of school-age children to select an apartment that is distant from the city center, public amenities, and transportation.

However, if someone searching for an apartment in Istanbul prefers a calm environment free from noise and air pollution, he could pick a location outside of the city center. However, in this case, he should have a private automobile just in case he has to get to the city center quickly.

What should someone do if they have a limited budget and wish to purchase an apartment in Istanbul?

As is common knowledge, flats in Istanbul are incredibly expensive, which confuses a lot of people. Istanbul’s surprise, though, is that it has reasonably priced real estate. Beylikduzu, which is on the European side of Istanbul and is a modern destination that attracts many investors, is one of the most significant areas with real estate at affordable prices. It is primarily dominated by residential complexes and offers a wide range of service packages, including many projects Modern real estate. Real estate experts anticipate an increase in apartment prices in the near future due to the great demand for them.

Esenyurt and Silvery are just two of the many other distinctive neighborhoods in Istanbul where you may purchase a home.

What types of flats are available for purchase in Istanbul?

Apartments in residential complexes

This style of apartment is the one that everyone is seeking for since it has all the safety and security measures, is spacious enough to provide occupants privacy, has beautiful views, and offers exceptional service and entertainment options.

However, because it is highly pricey, some individuals do purchase it.

Separate flats within building

Most of them are situated in modest structures with no more than ten storeys, and while their costs are reasonable and their quality is decent, they differ in terms of specifications.

Triplex and duplex units

While duplexes and triplex have many characteristics, such as spacious rooms, beautiful room divisions, elegance, and modernity, the distinction between the two is that duplexes have two levels built on top of each other while triplexes have three floors.

Penthouse residences

Due to its high price, this kind of flat in Istanbul is often considered to belong to the wealthy. Its location on the top and final floors of each tower and skyscraper, which cuts off its people from the rest of the world, is one of its most notable characteristics. It has spacious spaces and a very modern and high-quality interior design.

Studio residences

The pricing is quite reasonable, the studio flats are tiny and ideal for singles, students, and other like persons. However, it is important to note that due to the Turkish government’s recent halt on their development,one should search for older real estate projects if he wants to find this kind of home there.


Istanbul has three different types of villas (tourist – historical – traditional).

Each of these villas has a price and several advantages and features.

Because it is appropriate for housing, stability, and investment, it is one of the possibilities for people seeking for a property for sale in Turkey.

* It’s significant to note that each of the aforementioned apartment styles is built to withstand earthquakes.

How much does it cost to own an apartment in Istanbul?

When purchasing an apartment in Istanbul, there are charges and fees.

the expense of gathering all required documents, including the ownership certificate, which is worth 4% of the home’s value, as well as the cost of translating and notarizing each document.

Expenses and taxes after buying a property in Turkey. Find out here

How do you locate a rental flat in Istanbul?

Real estate company

Due to their extensive knowledge of the Turkish real estate market and their vast experience, it is the first choice of Istanbul buyers because it saves them a great deal of time, energy, and hassle in their search. One of the main responsibilities of the real estate company is to protect buyers from falling prey to real estate fraud.

Internet sites

This approach of discovering flats for sale in Turkey has also lately gained popularity. A lot of people who reside outside of Turkey use it as a means of house ownership. To avoid the buyer falling victim to real estate scam, it is also advised to select a reliable real estate firm.

Self-searching is a common practice, but it is also the most time-consuming and challenging way because it necessitates that buyers be fluent in Turkish in order to connect with vendors.

What benefits come with purchasing an apartment in Istanbul?

  • Istanbul is situated on the throne of two major continents, which gives it a special geographical significance. Istanbul also has tremendous benefits since a portion of it is located on the European continent.
  • Istanbul, which has seen many ages and periods of time, now has riches of knowledge and civilizations, making it a popular tourist destination.
  • Istanbul has a huge infrastructure, and in recent years, numerous development projects have been erected on its grounds, which is sufficient to cause constant increases in house values.
  • The new Istanbul Canal, one of the most notable developments, is predicted to spark a real estate revolution and present investors with a significant opportunity.
  • Istanbul is home to the most significant and well-known medical facility (Başakşehir Medical City), which is outfitted with the most cutting-edge medical staff and technology.
  •  Additionally, Istanbul is home to a large number of universities and colleges, both public and private, that have received top worldwide rankings.
  • stanbul is a hub with many beautiful parks, gardens, and other outdoor spaces. The most significant retail centers and malls are also included.

Istanbul is one of the largest and most populated cities in Turkey, which puts it in a more essential position for the real estate located there. It is also crucial to highlight that Istanbul is distinguished by life and activity as it is the country’s economic and financial hub.

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