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Quality of life indicators in Turkey

Posted by Dari TR on 7 December، 2022

The concept of “quality of life index” includes all material and moral needs that an individual enjoys, such as housing, food, health care, security, education, transportation, and a clean environment.

Quality of life indicators in each country are measured according to criteria such as per capita income, and other individual, environmental and political criteria.

There is no doubt that the needs covered by the quality of life indicators are not secondary or complementary needs. Instead, they are needs of a dynamic and evolving nature and linked to the development and progress of society.

Over the past two decades, Turkey has made significant progress in improving quality of life indicators for its citizens and residents. The following is helpful information about indicators of quality of life in Turkey.

Quality of life indicators in Turkey

Where is Turkey’s position among the global quality of life indicators?

The numbeo index provided updated statistics for global quality of life indicators during the second half of 2022. Turkey ranked 54th, with a high quality of life index of 119.53.

It is worth noting that Switzerland ranks first with a quality of life index of 195.06.

A look at indicators of quality of life in Turkey

Quality of life indicators in Turkish cities were measured by looking at the most relevant criteria and measuring them, which are:

Quality of life and health care index in Turkey

Turkey recorded a high percentage of health care services, reaching 70.70 on the quality of life index. Health insurance in Turkey is free for Turkish citizens and foreigners with Turkish citizenship.

In one study, a group of people in Turkey were asked about their general health, and 67% of them answered that they were in reasonable health.

Although the pollution index in Turkey is relatively high, with a rate of 65.0, expectations indicate that the rate will decrease significantly soon. This is because the Turkish electric car will be put on the market in 2023.

Indicators of safety, work and living in Turkey

Turkey is characterized by a high security rate of 60.11 on the quality of life index. This is higher than many European countries, such as the United Kingdom, Sweden and Italy, and also more than America and Canada.

In a survey conducted by HSBC Expat Explorer in 2019 on foreigners working in Turkey, 62% of respondents said that living in Turkey is better than their country in terms of safety, and that it brings them enough income to cover the cost of living in Turkey.

Turkish climate recorded a high score of 90.40 on the quality of life index, which is higher than all European countries; it was also among the favorites of foreigners in Turkey.

As for the cost of living in Turkey, it varies according to several factors, such as the city, family size and lifestyle. Istanbul is the most expensive city in Turkey, but it remains the cheapest when compared to European countries.

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