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14 Features You Don’t Know About Studying in Istanbul

Posted by Dari TR on 27 April، 2023

Studying in Istanbul can be a great way to obtain international certification in any field. But attending Turkish universities has other advantages that many do not know. In the following lines, we share 14 features of the study in Istanbul.

1. International ranking of Turkish universities

The number of universities in Turkey is 209, and the region in Turkey is barely without a university, but most of them are distributed in Istanbul, and many universities in Istanbul have a ranking on the list of the best universities in the world.

The number of universities in Istanbul is 50 between government and private universities and is also home to 5 of Turkey’s best universities.

Universities in Turkey (governmental and private) offer numerous scholarships and cultural exchange programmes, and during 2021 there were 600 thousand foreign students of diverse nationalities studying at Turkey’s universities.

2. Various specializations and high-quality education system

There is a great diversity of study disciplines in Turkey, for example, medical study disciplines in Turkey include human medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, physiotherapy, nutrition, diet and others.

Universities in Turkey combine educational standards at European universities, increasing the level of practical training, especially in applied fields.

3. Pioneering Research and Innovation

Turkey ranks seventh in scientific production among OECD countries. Europe’s first largest number of graduates in science, technology and engineering annually.

Turkey is proud to embrace a large number of scientists, engineers and technicians, and to have the largest number of newly registered patent applications in the European Union.

This means that there are many opportunities for innovative research projects that can be worked on during a bachelor’s or postgraduate period.

4. Possibility of studying in Turkey’s top-ranked universities

Getting a seat at a European or American university is a difficult dream to verify, and in return many highly rated Turkish universities offer a high-quality education system for all.

The most famous universities in Istanbul and Turkey include Istanbul Technical University, Bugazji University, Sabanji University, Middle East Technical University, Belkent University and Yilds Technical University.

5. Scholarships in Turkey

The Turkish government offers full scholarships to foreign students who want to study in Turkey. Grants start from bachelor’s to doctoral level. The grant also includes a one-year course on Turkish.

6. Study in English

Many curricula in Turkish universities are given in English during the academic and postgraduate years. This means that it is an excellent destination for foreign students who do not master Turkish.

Non-Turkish students can study at Turkey’s universities in English in all disciplines, such as engineering, humanities and applied sciences, design and business administration.

7. Cultural diversity in Turkey

Turkey is a multicultural and multi-ethnic country, and this diversity is particularly prominent in Istanbul, because foreigners and Turks also come to it for study, work or tourism.

This makes studying in Istanbul ideal for students looking for a rich study experience abroad, making friends with people from all over the world.

8. Obtaining student residency in Turkey

Student residency is a document that a foreign student is entitled to upon admission to a Turkish university. It is annually renewable and does not need to be renewed if you leave Turkey and return to Turkey.

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9. Study costs in Turkey

The cost of studying in Turkey is low when compared to that in Europe, because the student with student residency receives special rebates for public transport, restaurants, museums, cinema tickets and others.

Universities in Istanbul are close to residential areas, which means that the student will be able to easily find accommodation close to his university.

10. Convenient and cheap transportation

Transport in Turkey is very convenient, it is easy to walk around major cities like Istanbul with public transport only, and you have many options, such as buses, subways, trains and taxis.

There are more than 10 metro lines, ferries and underwater trains crossing directly the Bosphorus Sea, this allows you to cross from Asia to Europe in two minutes.

Istanbul’s subway system will remind you of the London and Paris metros. You’ll always find many buses ready to take you anywhere you want.

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11. No universal language certificate required

Unlike the United States or the United Kingdom, most universities in Turkey do not require international degrees in English such as Toefl and Ielts.

But you’d prefer to have medium English knowledge when applying in Turkey.

12. Authenticity, contemporary and nature’s beauty in one place

If Turkey is a bridge between East and West, Istanbul is the center of that bridge. Istanbul is proud of its ancient heritage, but it is also a contemporary and forward-looking city.

Skyscrapers will be located next to their picturesque gardens and ancient monuments. If you choose to study in Istanbul you will gain to see all these wonderful aspects of it.

13. Study in Istanbul Opportunity for Exploration and Tourism

Turkey attracts many tourists, but not thanks to its mild climate and delicious food, but also because it contains the most beautiful archaeological sites, you can the best tourist sites in Istanbul, many of which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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14. Opportunity for vocational training, work and investment

Studying in Istanbul can be an entry point to your dream job, and there are already many Arab companies in Istanbul that are attracting Arab graduates to work for.

The Presidency of Higher Education also coordinates with universities in Turkey to provide practical training opportunities for university students. in the various areas of work associated with their study.

The student can also obtain permission to work while studying at universities in Istanbul, but provided that the student’s weekly working hours do not exceed 24 hours.

The real estate investment sector is one of the most important employment sectors available to foreign students graduating from Turkey’s universities. In addition to tourism, health, education and translation.

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If you have any queries about investing in and living in Turkey, contact Dari Properties now.

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