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Turkey Tourism Directory 2023

Posted by Dari TR on 2 February، 2023

Tourism in Turkey provides an attractive and irreversible mix, with two continents meeting in one country, and Iraq of the past meeting with modernity and contemporary in Turkey’s tourist areas, to be a favorite destination for tourists from all over the world.

In the following lines, we have prepared Turkey’s Tourism Guide, which contains everything you need to know about Turkey’s tourism indicators and features, and the best tourist areas in Istanbul.

Turkey Tourism Directory 2023
Turkey Tourism Directory 2023

Turkey’s Tourism Indicators 2022-2023

2022 was Turkey’s best-ever year of tourism, with Turkey receiving about 50 million tourists, earning nearly $46 billion in revenue.

The Vice President of the Federation of Hotel Operators in Turkey “Mohammed Ishler” said that early overseas bookings rose by 23% in 2023 compared to last season, which heralds a bright year for Turkey’s tourism sector.

Early bookings began in November, and will continue until April, seeing a high turnout of tourists, as they offer cuts of up to 40-50%.

Turkey’s top tourism targets for 2023, hosting 75 million tourists, have been revealed by the government.

The government’s plan in Turkey depends on investing in tourist areas in Turkey and launching new hotels and resorts.

Tourism Features in Turkey

Turkey ranks sixth globally in terms of number of tourists, but it seems to be competing for first place! Because the number of tourists in Turkey rises every year, surpassing global expectations.

Tourists from all over the world prefer Turkey’s tourist areas, to be distinguished by:

Diversity of destinations and tourist areas in Turkey: such as recreational, cultural, historical, religious, therapeutic and other places.

During the four seasons: you can visit Turkey at all times of the year and you will not be bored, because Turkey’s climate is moderate throughout the year, and there are activities suitable for each chapter.

Easy visa application: It is true that you cannot enter Turkey without a visa, but you can easily apply for it via this website. https://www.evisa.gov.tr/ar/apply/

The e-visa is available to citizens of several Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Sudan, Libya, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Palestine.

A favorite destination for Arab tourists: Tourism in Turkey is the first choice for many Arab tourists, due to many reasons, but comes foremost in the convergence of culture and customs between Turkey and Arabs.

Shopping pleasure: If you are a fan of shopping, there is no doubt that Turkey will become one of your favorite destinations, and will not be tired of exploring its popular markets and luxury malls.

Premium Transport Network: Tourists in Turkey have various options for transportation, and can choose what suits them according to their budget and itinerary.

Turkey’s transport regulation includes: renting a car with a driver or taxi, bus independence, fast or metro train rides, boats, Turkish Airlines.

Suitable for families and children: Tourism in Turkey Istanbul is very family friendly, because tourist areas in Turkey meet the wishes of all family members, such as amusement parks, forests, restaurants and malls.

6  of the best tourist areas in Istanbul

Istanbul is the only city in the world spanning two continents and the most visited city in Turkey, receiving over one million 281,000 tourists and 666 tourists during the 2022.

Istanbul is also the world’s eighth city in terms of number of visitors.

Istanbul’s tourist areas, such as historic mosques, museums, archaeological sites, parks, amusement parks, popular markets and luxury shopping centers, are diverse. One of the most famous is:

1. Al Fatih Area

It is the main shopping, leisure and recreation center, making it one of the most important tourist areas in Istanbul.

2. Sultan Ahmed District

One of the most beautiful tourist areas in Istanbul, it has many high-end hotels, restaurants and cafes in Sulaymaniyah. The area’s name is attributable to the presence of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque and its Tomb.

The mosque provides a refuge for fans of tranquility and spirituality in the city’s busy and energetic center, with six minarets and several huge domes.

3. Split

Also one of the most beautiful tourist places in Istanbul, its dependents are Partition Square and its memorial, and Independence Street, which is erected on the sides of many high-end shops and cafes.

4. Ortakoy

Istanbul’s most luxurious tourist areas, as well as its luxurious neighborhoods, include the coast of Ortakoy, the Grand University of Ortakoy, the Chiragan Palace. You can tour the ship within the Bosphorus Strait.

5. Oskodar region

One of its highlights is the “Girl Tower”, known as the “Kız Kulesi”, a historic landmark located in the middle of the Bosphorus Strait, which divides the city of Istanbul for two Asian and European triangles, connecting the Marmara Sea south and black north.

The Turkish authorities are preparing to open the Girl’s Tower to visitors as a museum and include it in Istanbul’s tourist areas, in the first quarter of 2023, after the restoration work has been completed.

6. Princes Island

It is one of Istanbul’s favorite tourist areas for cruise fans, especially in the summer, and offers tourists a unique experience by commuting with cars and bicycles.

It’s easy to know why tourists don’t view Istanbul as just one city, but several cities in one city! It is not surprising that many have chosen Turkey as the center of their business and investments or have chosen to settle there.

Do you have any query about life or investment in Turkey? Contact us now!

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