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Learn about the most significant amendments to the Turkish citizenship law through investment

Posted by Dari TR on 30 November، 2022

You are undoubtedly aware of the possibility of acquiring Turkish citizenship by investing, but are you aware of recent amendments to the Turkish nationality Law? Find out about it with Dari Real Estate.

Learn about the most significant amendments to the Turkish citizenship law through investment
Turkish citizenship law through investment

What are the most significant amendments to the Turkish nationality Law through investment?

Since 2018, Turkey has passed the Law on acquiring Turkish nationality through real estate, public or banking investment. Still, due to economic and political developments, some amendments are made to the Law every period.

In the first half of 2022, the property approved for Turkish citizenship was raised by real estate investment to US$400,000, but the property will be purchased in Turkish lira.

Under the amendment, foreign currency paid to get Turkish nationality must be sold through investment exchanged for Turkish lira in the Central Bank of Turkey. Then it transferred the property to the seller’s account in the same bank.

These modifications will not apply to the real estate bought at a value of 250,000 dollars if the necessary papers for applying for Turkish nationality are extracted before the date of issuing the amendments.

What are the characteristics of Turkish nationality?

Investing your money in Turkey is a great opportunity not only to increase your capital but also to gain Turkish citizenship and benefits, including:

– Obtaining the privileges of Turkish nationality for you and your family members in the first class, such as your wife and children under 18 years of age.

– Turkish passport, one of the strongest in the world, enables you to enter 67 countries without a visa.

– Raising your children in a developed environment in terms of standard of living and having access to health services and education free of charge.

– One of the characteristics of Turkish nationality is to live in an environment that cohabitants cultural, ethnic and religious diversity.

– Turkey’s strategic position and its beautiful climate throughout the year.

Will the value of the property rise in return for Turkish citizenship again?

The rise in real estate value to $400 for Turkish citizenship is a natural result of the health, economic and security crises that have affected all countries recently, not only Turkey. 

Most forecasts suggest that the prospect of another appreciation is very likely, especially as Turkey re-gains its grip on international maritime trade and large projects, such as the Istanbul aqueduct.

So if you want to get Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, don’t put it any longer; put your investment in the right place with Dari Real Estate; contact us today

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