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Turkish passport types 2022

Posted by Dari TR on 31 August، 2022

The sorts of Turkish passports and the advantages that this passport offers are what individuals who want to become Turkish citizens most eagerly seek out.


Turkish passport

Due to the benefits that the Turkish passport offers its users, which make it one of the most significant passports in the world, it has recently become the subject of discussion and interest among Arabs. There are also several varieties, and each type has a unique set of benefits and extraction requirements.

In this article, we address all of your concerns regarding the Turkish passport, its varieties and qualities, and how to obtain one

Advantages of the Turkish passport

  • Possibility of obtaining a passport valid for a long time (it does not need to be renewed except every 10 years)
  • The right to all of the privileges that come with being a Turkish citizen, including unlimited access to free health and education services.
  • Due to the Turkish passport’s support for dual citizenship, you are not required to renounce your first citizenship.
  • Additionally, the Turkish passport is ranked 20th worldwide.
  • Speed in passport issuing and transaction times.
  • The chance to gain access to the retirement program like any other Turkish citizen.
  • Moreover, the holder is eligible to vote in Turkish elections.
  • 77 nations are accessible without a visa.
  • easing admission into the Schengen region.

Turkish passports types

Citizens of Turkey are granted a variety of passports.  each of them also has unique characteristics that change depending on its type. Turkish passports come in the following main categories:

Turkey’s standard passport (general or red)

There are no special requirements or criteria for its extraction, and it is valid for ten years from the date of issuance. It is a general red passport that is used by ordinary Turkish citizens and residents of the Republic of Northern Cyprus. Even foreigners who hold the Turkish citizenship have the right to obtain it immediately upon the issuance of the Turkish identity card.

– Turkish diplomatic passport (black)

It consists of 28 pages with a black outer cover and is obtained by:

*Parliamentary deputies

*Court heads and ministers outside of Parliament.


*Military generals.

*Heads of states.

*Former ministers.

*The Secretary General of the President of the nation can also get it.

*Principal Vice Presidents.

*Minister of Awqaf.

*Ambassadors and mayors can also get it.

Since a person may only receive a diplomatic passport based on their positions and responsibilities. The spouses and children of all of the aforementioned individuals may also be granted this passport, and the Turkish diplomatic passport is only valid while the holder is still in active duty, not once they have retired.

– Turkey’s Special Passport (Green)

It has 30 pages and is available to state workers and employees who have attained a specified job grade throughout their employment. Former ministers and members of the Turkish People’s Assembly can also obtain it.

– Stamped Passport (Service Passport) grey

Additionally, this 30-page passport is provided by the Republic of Turkey to all government employees working in the state’s official offices as well as those sent abroad on a specific mission. Up to the age of 25, it is also given to the aforementioned individuals’ wives and children.

Turkish passport strength and it’s globally ranking

According to the Passport Ranking Index, the Turkish passport was one of the most powerful passports in the world in 2022, ranking 36th overall in the ranking of all passports. Additionally, holders of Turkish passports are free to travel to 85 other nations without obtaining an entrance visa beforehand. 45 nations also require entrance visas upon arrival, in addition to 5 countries that accept electronic visas.

Check out the following article to learn more about the countries that a Turkish passport can enter.

The Henley Index is expected to rank Turkey higher by 2023 as a result of Turkey’s remarkable growth in the aviation and tourist industries.

Turkish passports cost in 2022

A person must pay a set price of 174 Turkish Liras in addition to variable fees based on the length of the passport’s validity when getting one issued. Consequently, the following costs will apply to Turkish passports:

 Turkish passport 2022 costs 535 TL for a period of six months.

The cost of a Turkish passport for the year 2022 is 678 Turkish liras.

For a two-year Turkish passport cost is 2022 is 965 Turkish liras.

The cost of a Turkish passport 2022 valid for three years is 1275 Turkish liras.

The price of the passport 2022 is 1,700 Turkish liras for a duration of 3 to 10 years .

We should point you that the costs indicated included the cost of the Turkish passport book plus fees, as the price of the book is 225 lira only.

2022 Passport application procedures in Turkey

You must carry out the following actions in to complete the passport application process:

*Schedule an appointment with Turkish place of registration- Nufus. There are two ways to make an appointment: either online at randevu.ni.gov.tr or by dialing the number 199 directly.

*Pay the passport fee using (PTT) and save the payment confirmation.

*commitment to attend the appointment set up for you with the Turkish place of registration-Nufus Department, and to bring the following documents with you:

  • a photocopy of a personal identity card.
  • Two images were taken by the user Biyometrik Fotograf.
  • If you have an old passport, bring it.
  • We also stress the need of carrying the original ID card (Turkish identification), not a duplicate.
  • the receipt of the paid fee via PTT.
  • Residence proof document “ to confirm the place of residence”.
  • Complete the application form with the required information.

The government sends the passport to the address listed in the application and issues it within 5 to 7 days.

The passport will be sent to the Qa’im Maqam-District Administrator in the neighborhood of residence if the shipping company (PTT) personnel arrive and do not find anybody home. The individual involved may pick up the passport from there within a month.

How may one obtain a Turkish passport?

While there are several ways to get a Turkish passport, the most popular one at the moment is to do so by purchasing real estate and investment funds. Additionally, you can select the approach that best fits your needs:

  • Purchasing real estate worth $250,000 US in accordance with decisions made on the amendment of Turkish citizenship.
  • investing at least $500k USD, putting the aforementioned sum in a Turkish bank and holding it there for three years without withdrawing any funds, or investing about the same amount in government bonds.
  • If your Turkish assets can be verified with documents, you can apply for Turkish citizenship.
  • If you marry a Turkish lady man, you will get Turkish citizenship after three years of marriage and will also be granted a family residency during this time.

There are other exceptional cases.

Edited by: Dari Real Estate

Source: Gomhuriet newspaper

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