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5 Alternatives to real estate residence in Turkey

Posted by Dari TR on 17 March، 2023

Make no secret of one of the advantages of property residency in Turkey, but you may sometimes need to find temporary or permanent alternatives to it. In this article from Dari Properties we share 5 alternatives to property residency in Turkey, types of residence in Turkey and the advantages of each.

5  Alternatives to real estate residence in Turkey
5  Alternatives to real estate residence in Turkey

Why would you need alternatives to property accommodation in Turkey?

Many foreigners want to stay in Turkey by buying a property, but they cannot always obtain or renew real estate residency, one of the most common reasons for this:

● Non-renewal of property residence in Turkey for various reasons, such as travel outside Turkey.

● Rejection of the real estate residence application for failure to complete the terms of real estate residence in Turkey, such as the property price or type.

● Sell the property.

Types of residence in Turkey

The types of residence in Turkey are varied depending on the duration, conditions and cost of each stay. One of the most suitable alternatives to real estate accommodation in Turkey is:

1. Tourist accommodation in Turkey

Tourist residence in Turkey is a convenient solution, as it is renewable and cancellable. It is suitable for those looking for a short stay in Turkey such as one year or several months.

If you have a property residence in Turkey, but you have decided to sell the property, you can apply to convert the property residence to a tourist residence.

2. Permission to work in Turkey

If your application for real estate residence is rejected, or you do not own property in Turkey. You can obtain work permission in Turkey by establishing a company in Turkey.

Permission to work in Turkey is a flexible solution for non-property nationals in Turkey, such as Syrians.

3. Family residence in Turkey

Family residency in Turkey is granted to families whose members are Turkish nationals, or are born in Turkey. Also if an individual holds a permit to work in Turkey.

4. Student’s stay in Turkey

You can obtain student residency in Turkey by registering at any Turkish university.

The student’s stay in Turkey is of long duration, and the holder relieves certain conditions of real estate residence in Turkey, such as lowering the minimum property price.

5. Permanent residence in Turkey

Permanent residence in Turkey is unlimited for a period of time, and everyone who has resided in Turkey for 8 years can apply for it.

Residency in Turkey is required to be continuous and has not been interrupted for more than a year for any reason whatsoever. such as treatment outside Turkey, military service or others.

But the prospect of permanent residence in Turkey is not 100% guaranteed, so if you own a stay in Turkey by buying a property, don’t rush to sell it before you guarantee permanent residence.

General Terms of Residence in Turkey

If you wish to obtain any residence in Turkey, make sure you have achieved all these general conditions:

● Possessing a passport valid for at least 6 months and containing a visa to enter Turkey.

● Enter Turkey legally, and through one of the official crossings.

● The applicant’s residence does not constitute a threat to security in Turkey.

● Health insurance extract covering the period of stay.

● To be in Turkey when applying for residence, and submit it before the expiration of the visa period.

● Complete the paperwork, pay the fees, and attend the interview at the Immigration Directorate on time.

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