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how to differentiate between a real estate consultant and a broker?

Posted by Dari TR on 13 April، 2023

The first steps to buy a property in Turkey are to search online, and thousands of individuals and entities that promise to offer you the best real estate consulting services and complete sales and purchase deals will show you the results.

But is anyone who calls themselves a “real estate consultant” eligible to help you buy property in Turkey? What about the real estate broker?

Who is a real estate consultant and what is the difference between him and the real estate broker? What are the real estate consultant’s tasks to expect from him? We answer these questions in the following lines.

Who is a real estate consultant?

The Real Estate Consultant is an expert in the sale and purchase of real estate in Turkey, and works licensed either individually, or within a consulting office or real estate company in Turkey.

The real estate consultant’s service goes to foreign investors in particular, because they are new to Turkey’s real estate market, and need reliable experts.

The real estate consultant gives them several investment proposals, conducts a thorough study of the property on which the final choice is made, and avoids any errors during the steps of buying a property in Turkey.

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The Importance of Real Estate Consultant

If you want to buy a property in Turkey, you have the right to take your time to conduct extensive research, and communicate with more than one property company in Turkey to learn about the minimum and maximum prices in each region.

But then you have to communicate with a real estate consultant, because it will save you time and effort, and shorten you steps to buy a property in Turkey, such as searching for the property, negotiating its price, and making legal transactions.

The real estate consultant will help you find the most suitable property for your budget and your goal of real estate investment in Turkey. such as acquiring Turkish citizenship, real estate or tourist residence, etc.

Using the real estate consultant’s service means that your exposure to real estate fraud is reduced to zero. Because the real estate consultant will direct you only to reliable properties, and will reveal any fraud or manipulation.

What is the difference between real estate consultant and real estate broker?

The real estate consultant is keen to give you a clear real estate value, will listen to your speech and discuss you to make a full picture of your application and its suitability to the Turkish market. Adopting the principle of “consultation for consultation”.

The real estate broker is keen to sell primarily, because for him to conclude the transaction means to pay the commission, which is why he immediately begins to bid for you and try to convince you to buy.

The real estate consultant is fully specialized and full-time for his work in Turkey real estate, and does not work in other fields. It is therefore surrounded by areas, projects, municipal schemes, real estate developers’ reputation, etc.

In return, you will find that real estate brokers often work in other areas besides real estate in Turkey. This is certainly a weakness that demonstrates their lack of experience in the field.

The real estate consultant has sufficient information and expertise to compare several real estate projects, choosing the best based on your criteria associated with your investment goals.

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While a realtor does not need specific qualifications or specialized education, it is enough to possess persuasion skills, and a social network to convince you of its ultimate goal, “buy.”

The real estate consultant specializes in a variety of real estate or investments, such as residential, commercial or agricultural investment. It sometimes specializes in one city’s real estate. Such as Istanbul properties.

The real estate consultant not only takes you on a real estate field trip, but also explains the advantages of investing in each region, whether it is long-term or short-term.

In conclusion, the real estate broker represents himself and is keen on his personal usefulness, while the real estate consultant is primarily keen on your interest and achieving your investment goals.

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