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Learn about the types of real estate investment in Istanbul

Posted by Dari TR on 19 April، 2023

In Turkey or even in the whole world, there is no city that can compete with Istanbul in its distinction. Whether in terms of location, technological development, or various and promising investment opportunities, especially in Istanbul real estate.

In recent years, Istanbul’s real estate investment has seen a wide turnout of investors from around the world. This encouraged the city to offer more investment options, features and incentives.


In this article we share the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey, especially in Istanbul properties that offer investors a variety of investment options that suit all goals and budgets.

Real Estate Investment Features in Istanbul

What would one dream more about than owning a property in Istanbul, the city in the most strategic location between two continents? But these are not only the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey and Istanbul, there are also:

1. Strength of Turkey’s economy

Turkey’s economy was ranked 18th globally in 2022, with a gross domestic product of $ 736.716 billion, and a growth rate of 0.25% compared to 2021.

2. Tourists’ Favorite City

During the 2022 tourism season, Istanbul ranked first in Turkey, and eighth in the world to receive tourists, receiving more than 1 million 281,000 and 666 tourists.

Tourism in Istanbul is characterized by the availability of all options for tourism enthusiasts of all kinds, such as historic, recreational, therapeutic and natural tourism, and offers options suitable for all households and budgets.

3. Real Estate Prices in Istanbul

In addition to a growing economy and booming tourism, real estate prices in Istanbul are very appropriate, especially when compared with real estate prices in the countries of Europe and America.

4. Infrastructure Development and Government Projects

The establishment of new government projects has contributed to the boom in Istanbul’s real estate market, such as the new Istanbul Canal project and the expansion of Istanbul International Airport.

In addition to the above, lasting improvements in Turkey’s infrastructure, the most recent of which was the opening of a new metro in Istanbul, will inject more vitality into its sophisticated transport network.

5. Turkey’s first investment option

In a country like Turkey, one of the world’s largest real estate markets, Istanbul has consistently ranked first in property sales in Turkey.

Istanbul properties sold accounted for 17.5% of Turkey’s total real estate sales in 2022, with 259 A and 654 properties.

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6. A safe and stimulating investment environment

The Turkish Government is working to create an attractive and secure investment environment for foreign investors by granting them tax facilities and regulating laws to protect them from real estate fraud in its forms.

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Every foreigner can apply for real estate residency in Turkey, subject to a purchase of a property in Turkey worth at least $ 75 thousand.

But the most important advantage of real estate investment in Turkey is the possibility of obtaining citizenship by investing in Turkey’s real estate. Provided that the property is not worth less than $ 400 thousand.

More than 40% of foreigners who chose to buy a property in Istanbul were seeking Turkish citizenship.

When buying a property in Turkey, the investor has various payment solutions, such as buying a property under construction at a lower price than the completed property, or buying a property in Turkish government guarantee projects, and paying for it in installment.

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Types of real estate investment in Istanbul

Investment in Turkey encompasses many areas, and real estate investment is only one of them. But even real estate investment in Istanbul branches out into many investments, the most important of which are:

1. Investment in Istanbul residential properties

This type of real estate investment in Turkey specializes in Istanbul residential properties, such as studio apartments, hotel apartments, residential complex apartments, and luxury villas.

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Investment in Istanbul residential properties is characterized by the guaranteed return on investment you provide, and you can get the return on investment in two ways:

Property rental: Many foreign investors want to buy and rent a property in Istanbul, where rent in Turkey rises by at least 10% annually.

Property Resale: A property under construction can be purchased in Turkey, then sold after completion of construction and high profit.

2. Investment in Istanbul Commercial Properties

Commercial real estate in its various forms is one of the most important areas of real estate investment in Turkey, because it preserves capital and prevents losses. Of these types: shops, warehouses and offices.

Turkey’s commercial real estate returns large and growing profits if managed in an orderly and long-term manner. Especially if Istanbul’s real estate investment targets an emerging market that needs expansion and innovation.

There are other forms of real estate investment in Istanbul, such as investing in land, where you can buy land in Istanbul either to build a property or to invest in it.

But real estate investment in Istanbul remains dependent on several factors, such as your budget and your goal of real estate investment in Turkey. Be sure to consult experts before concluding any purchase of a property in Turkey.

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