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All the news about Turkey about the procedures and method of ownership in Turkey Istanbul

All information on how to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for property ownership in Turkey
Besides information about Tabu, Istanbul areas, cons and pros of owning… And other information you find here
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Real estate fraud and how to deal with it in Turke

Real estate fraud and how to deal with it in...

Sep 14, 2022
The legal professionals at Dari Real Estate will provide you with the most precise explanation of real estate fraud ...
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Before buying real estate in Turkey

Sep 13, 2022
Be cautious Before buying real estate in Turkey. Pay close attention when purchasing real estate in Turkey. There a ...
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How to purchase an apartment in Istanbul?

Sep 12, 2022
How to purchase an apartment in Istanbul? Each of Turkey’s 81 states has its own natural resources and econom ...
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Turkish citizenship through investment

Turkish citizenship through investment

Sep 06, 2022
Getting Turkish citizenship through investment According to the last amendment to the Turkish Citizenship law in 20 ...
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Everything you should know about Turkish hea...

Sep 05, 2022
Health care in Turkey for Turkish citizens Turkey provides top-notch health care. One of the most significant benef ...
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Advantages of investing in Turkey

Sep 05, 2022
Advantages of investing in Turkey The strength of Turkey’s economy is always rising despite all difficulties, ...
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Five suggestions for after getting Turkish c...

Sep 03, 2022
Advantages of Turkish citizenship Obtaining Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport is one of the crucial topics ...
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Beylikdüzü neighborhood in Istanbul

Sep 03, 2022
Beylikdüzü neighborhood in Istanbul One of Istanbul’s unique urban and cultural attractions is Beylikdüzü. He ...
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Turkish passport types 2022

Aug 31, 2022
The sorts of Turkish passports and the advantages that this passport offers are what individuals who want to become ...
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